GP1500-0.160-0816 (or GP1500)


BERGQUIST  GP1500-0.160-0816 (or GP1500)Thermally Conductive,  Gap Filling Material. 200 x 400mm sheet 0.160″ thick

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● Thermal Conductivity: 1.5 W/m-K
● Un-reinforced construction for additional compliancy
● Conformable, low hardness
● Electrically isolating
BERGQUIST GAP PAD TGP 1500 has an ideal filler blend thatgives it a low-modulus characteristic that maintains optimalthermal performance yet still allows for easy handling.The natural tack on both sides of the material allows for goodcompliance to adjacent surfaces of components,minimizing interfacial resistance.
● Telecommunications
● Computer and peripherals
● Power conversion
● RDRAM™ memory modules / chip scale packages
● Areas where heat needs to be transferred to a framechassis or other type of heat spreader
TYPICAL PROPERTIES OF CURED MATERIALYoung’s modulus is calculated using 0.01 in/min, step rate ofstrain with a sample size 0.79 inch².Physical PropertiesHardness, Shore 00, Thirty second delay value,ASTM D2240, Bulk rubber40Heat Capacity, ASTM E1269, J/g-K 1.0Density, Bulk rubber, ASTM D792, g/cc 2.1Flammability, UL 94 V-0Young’s Modulus, ASTM D575 kPa 310 (psi) (45)Electrical PropertiesDielectric Breakdown Voltage, ASTM D149, VAC >6,000Dielectric Constant, ASTM D150, 1,000Hz 5.5Volume Resistivity, ASTM D257, ohm-meter 1×1011Thermal PropertiesThermal Conductivity, ASTM D5470, W/(m-K) 1.5Thermal Impedance, 0.040 inchASTM D5470, ºC-in2/W:10% Deflection 1.6220% Deflection 1.530% Deflection 1.33The recorded value includes interfacial thermal resistance.These values are provided for reference only. Actualapplication performance is directly related to the surfaceroughness, flatness and pressure applied.
GENERAL INFORMATIONFor safe handling information on this product, consult theSafety Data Sheet, (SDS).Not for product specificationsThe technical data contained herein are intended as refere
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Dimensions 400 × 200 × 1 cm